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Main Characters

The main characters in Just Kids are aged between 8 and 14 years and live all over the world. Children and teenagers tell you their own true stories.

Examples are the stories of Letizia, who shelters boat refugees, Ferry who lives in a secret location due to domestic violence, Tareq who has had to flee Syria and wait for his parents a whole year, or Michelle who is bullied for weighing more than her classmates.

Due to specific circumstances, the main characters in Just Kids have wound up in a situation that asks a lot of them. Just Kids shows how they shape their lives. And how it’s not always done without putting up a struggle, but also not without humour, wisdom and resilience.

Children choose to tell their story for different reasons. Because they feel a strong need to share their experiences, break taboos, support other children or to expose an injustice. They hope that others will recognise themselves in their stories and understand what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Just Kids shows how different it is to grow up in Guatemala, Lebanon, India or the Netherlands. At the same time, the documentaries highlight everything the children have in common: every child wants to be happy and live in freedom.