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Outside in

Article 9: 'Every child with divorced parents has the right to voice his opinion.'

The parents of Emma just got divorced and she is doing everything possible g to please them. But all the arguments and changes make her restless.  At the same time, she has to train hard for the national championship shooting, where she hopes to win the competition.

Emma cannot concentrate. While she is still getting used to living between two homes, her father turns up with a new girlfriend. She is trying her best to keep up with all the changes, but when they break up within a few weeks, she is fed up with everything. It is finally time for Emma to think about herself.

In her audio diary, Emma (15) shares all her thoughts and feelings. Doing this, she shares the emotional journey she undergoes as an adolescent girl with divorced parents.

The divorce of her parents brings along a lot of stress, which is not something Emma needs when she is about to become the national champion in shooting. When she reveals her feelings in her diary, it gives us, of the viewers, a surprising insight…

Director: Els van Driel

Camera: Jean Counet, Rogier Timmermans, Stefano Bertacchini

Sound: Mark Wessner, Mike van der Sluijs, Els van Driel

Editor: Daan Wijdeveld

Animation: Kris Kobes

Producer: Witfilm