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Article 23: 'Every child with a handicap is entitled to extra support to be able to live as independently as possible.'

The 14 year old Kunal is completely blind. In his opinion, not a problem because he is bursting with talent. His grandma is convinced as well; he can for example name all capitals in the world and blow away everyone with his raspy singing voice.

Kunal lives together with nuns at a boarding school in India. The Monshoonshow is coming up, a singing competition where mainly seeing children compete against each other. Kunal is clever enough to ask his classmate Neeraja to sing a duet with him. Why? She happens to have the loveliest voice in the world.

While sister Ria helps the two to prepare, we see how Kunal cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. He fights, plays cricket, acts and of course sings!

Kunal might be blind… but that does not mean he lacks confidence! Inthis light-hearted film we see him luring the nicest girl in his class forsinging competition and trying his best not to scream while singing.

Directors, camera, sound & edit: Annelies Kruk, Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden

This film is powered by  Liliane Fonds.