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Lara's journey

Article 23: 'Children with a disability have the right to decide how they want to develop themselves.'

Getting lost in your own street and being unable to find your home. It happened to Lara (14). She has autism and things that are normal for other children are very complicated for Lara. That's why her journey to independence goes step by step. Until recently that did not bother her, but now that she is getting older, she is disappointed. She just wants to do the things that children of her age do. Like going outside on your own. Lara wants nothing more than to overcome her fears and asks her friends for advice; how do you handle a new situation if you have a disability? They say she must believe in herself. However, that is easier said than done. Will Lara manage to take an exciting train trip on her own?

Director & research: Saskia Fris

Camera: Roel van ‘t Hoff

Sound: Leleane Lindelaar

Editor: Daan Wijdeveld

Commissioning editor EO/IKONdocs: Saskia Wielinga, Margje de Koning

Producer: Tangerine Tree

Camera: Frederike Migom

Producer: Maarten Schimdt, Storyhouse Film