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If you leave me

Article 19: 'Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment.'

When the parents of Jamilla (14) could no longer take care of her, she was placed out of her beloved house. Now she has been living for several years in a foster house. She misses her parents, and because of the problems she has had, she finds it difficult to show her true self to others. Instead, she builds a wall around her but this is definitely not working for her in a positive manner. Her mission is to break down the wall she built and open up. The big question is: does she have enough courage to do so?

If you show to everyone who you really are, would they still love you?

Director: ef Hilgers

Edit: Daan Wijdeveld

Camera: Christian Paulussen

Sound: Lennert Hunfeld, Carla van der Meijs and Jillis Schriel

This film is powered by  Het Vergeten Kind. ('The Forgotten Child')