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Girl on a mission

Article 27: 'If your parents cannot provide sufficiently for you, you’re entitled to extra support.'

Where Romanian Miruna (14) lives, it is never really quiet. Not outside, where the people yell and fight, and not at all indoors. Miruna has twelve brothers and sisters who she has to take care of: cooking, doing laundry and folding it, comforting… for Miruna it is a fact of life. She barely gets to doing her homework and whenever she wants to study, she will have to do this in the midst of playing and fighting children. When Miruna thinks about her own future, she is certain about one thing: she wants things different and not like the other girls in her neighborhood: marrying young and having children. Her dream is to become a police officer. The police visit her street regularly and the officers always maintain their calmness regardless of the situation. Very different from people around her. Miruna would like to be this way too. But becoming an officer does not come easy. You have to get high grades in school and the entry exam is hard. How will you achieve this when you cannot even peacefully do your homework at home?

Miruna doesn’t want to get married young and have a lot of children like other girls in her neighborhood. Her dreams is completely different: becoming a police officer! Needless to sa, Miruna has to study hard to realise her dream. But how is that possible when she also has to take care of your twelve younger brothers and sisters?

Directors, camera, sound & edit: Heleen D`Haens, Eva van Barneveld

This film is powered by  SOS Kinderdorpen. ('SOS Children's Villages')