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Bachir in Wonderland

Article 7: ‘You are entitled to a nationality, without a nationality you are stateless and no country is obliged to protect you’

What would it really look like, what would it smell like and how would it feel to float? The sea is a big mystery for Bachir (10), so much water in one place… He only knows sand, lots of sand. Bachir lives in the desert, in a refugee camp in the Algerian Sahara.

When young, his parents lived right next to the sea, in the Western Sahara, but when Morocco occupied their land, the family had to flee the war. Ever since they are waiting for the day that the world will acknowledge that the people of West Sahara regain the right to their own land. Until then, they are stuck in the desert. Bachir was born in the camp and is stateless. He has no official passport and is not allowed to travel anywhere. But then Bachir gets the chance to go on summer camp. All the way in Spain, where everything is different and new: staggering high buildings made of bricks, stairs that move by themselves and even streaming water. Bachir stays with a host family in Barcelona, a city near the sea. Will his dream of swimming in the sea come true?

Bachir dreams of swimming in the sea, but he lives in a refugee camp in the middle of the desert. Despite the fact that he has no passport, he is offered the chance of a lifetime: he may be allowed to go on summer camp to Spain. Will his wish be fullfilled there?

Screenplay & Directors: Els Duran, Evelien Vehof

Camera: Wouter Boes

Sound: Els Duran, Evelien Vehof

Editor: Matthieu Hes

This film is powered by Creative Court.