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My Body, My Life

Sun Mar 05 2017 02:17 • 15 min

Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Each child has right to protection and care that is necessary for their well-being’

Sabina (12) belongs to the Masai-tribe in Kenya, an ethnic group full of colorful rituals that are lasting for centuries. Although she is proud of her cultural background, there is one ritual she is not too keen on: the circumcision of girls her age.

The girls, some even around 12 years-old, are then considered to be ready for marriage and are not allowed to go to school any longer. Sabina does not want to quit school and prefers to study more and dreams to become a lawyer.

Sabina comes to the conclusion that it is time for change. She demands her parents to give permission to become a woman without being circumcised. In the film, ‘My Body, My Life’, we follow Sabina who fights for her rights and for the rights of the other girls of her tribe. Recently, an alternative coming of age ritual has been introduced, with no pain and health risks. Together with hundreds of other girls her age, Sabina strives for change in hope that the tradition can be adjusted for the next generation.

This summer you can watch the whole documentary with english subtitles here! If you would like to screen this documentary, send us an email: [email protected]

'My Body, My Life' was supported by Amref Flying Doctors.