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WANTED: A Home for Serayah

Sun Dec 20 2015 07:25 • 21 min

Article 20 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'If a child cannot live at home any more, the government must offer them a better placet o grow up, such as a foster home.'

Things really couldn’t go on the way they were at Serayah’s house. Her father couldn’t cope with taking care of her and there was a lot of arguing, especially after her mother died.

Serayah had to leave, and now lives with a foster family, but she can’t stay there permanently. The magistrate who has to decide about her situation gets involved in a lot of facets of her life, which Serayah finds difficult because she likes to go her own way. What to do now? How will she find a new home, where she can find peace and feel safe? Perhaps her uncle and aunt can help her...

This documentary premiered on IDFA 2015. 

“WANTED: A Home for Serayah” is about the right to a stable family life that allows kids to develop well.
This documentary is based on article 20 and is about the government’s obligation to arrange shelter for a child who cannot live at home any more. In most cases, this means they are sheltered in a foster home.