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The Feet of Manuela Solis Velasquez

Sun Dec 13 2015 03:49 • 20 min

Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Every child with a disability had the right to recieve help to lead a life that is as normal as possible'

Manuela from Guatemala is always in her room, sitting on her wooden bed. She stares at the ceiling a bit, tickles her little brother or watches TV.

Then she dives into a ‘normal’ dream world in which people go to school, dance, fall in love and wear pretty shoes. That last bit is her greatest wish: To wear black shiny shoes with heels. But with Manuela’s feet in their current condition, that wish will never come true. Her club feet prevent her from walking, or even standing. Fortunately she has a very kind big sister who looks after her. Manuela’s father passed away and her mother recently moved to America to earn money. She misses her mum terribly, especially now that something very important is about to happen: There is a doctor who is going to operate on her. This will finally give her the freedom to walk, run and explore the world in her black heels!

This documentary is based on article 24 and is about the right of disabled children to lead a life that is as normal as possible. In a relatively poor country like Nicaragua it is even harder for disabled children to get access to medical help and, as a result, to education.

This film was made with support from the Liliane Foundation.