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Not Made of Sugar

Sun Nov 08 2015 07:25 • 20 min

Article 2 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Every child has the right to be themselves.'

Michelle is fed up with being heavier than most other girls, but doesn’t want to be a twig like her twin sister.

Just being a bit slimmer would help a great deal. In actual fact, Michelle had never noticed she was a bit rounder than most kids until some of them started bullying her about it. That really knocked her self-confidence. Now Michelle is determined to lose weight. But can she also regain enough of her self-confidence to go to the swimming pool wearing a bikini, just like all the other girls?

This documentary premiered on Cinekid 2015. 

This documentary is based on article 2 and is about the children’s right to be themselves. Whatever their situation or their appearance, every child should be able to be themselves and must be accepted by other children for who they are. There is an increasing focus on children who are overweight in the Netherlands and the social effects it has on children.