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I Am Not Afraid of the Soldiers

Sun Dec 13 2015 07:25 • 20 min

Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Governments must protect children against violence, even if there is was in their country'

Soldiers who hurl tear gas at you, who watch you every day and even storm into your house to take your brother away; Yazan has been through it all.

He lives in a Palestinian refugee camp, flanked by a big wall and guard towers. Yazan would love for things to be different, but how to make this happen? The Israeli soldiers who man the Wall don’t listen to the children, but maybe they will take notice of something else? Together with his friends Yazan makes a poster that tells his story. They want to put it up in the most dangerous place of the camp: near the soldiers. Will they succeed?

This documentary premiered on IDFA 2015. 

This documentary is based on article 38 and is about the children’s right to be protected by the government, even when the child is living in a country where there is war. This film shows the personal effect on a child who’s growing up in a politically unstable situation and has never known it to be any different. This film was made with support from the IIC.