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Sun Nov 01 2015 07:25 • 18 min

Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Children whose families from an unsafe environment have the right to receive extra help and protection'

Ferry lives in the middle of the nature, where it looks like a holiday resort. A dream to a lot of children, but Ferry hates it.

He wants nothing more, than to live in a regular house, in a street with friends and a school in the neighborhood. And most of all: to be free and go wherever he wants to go. Around the park there is a big fense with surveillance cameras to protect Ferry and his mother. They had to flee because it was dangerous at home. Ferry is really bored. They barely have a decent internet connection and even worse, his best friend might move away from the park. What will happen then? Will Ferry lose him or will their friendship last, despite of this big fense between them?

This documentary premiered on Cinekid 2015. 

This documentary is based on article 19 and is about the children’s right to receive extra help and protection when they grow up in families that provide an unsafe environment. This film was made with support from Stichting Kinderpostzegels, one of our partners.