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Guillaume’s Wondrous World

Sun Nov 15 2015 07:25 • 21 min

Article 6 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Governments must ensure that every child can develop their full potential'

‘I want to live here!’ Like some sort of Alice in Wonderland, nine-year-old Guillaume wanders through the Dutch Children’s Book Museum.

He has never seen so many books in his life! Where he lives, on the island of Bonaire, there are far too few books, and kids there hardly read. Guillaume can’t make sense of that at all. He reads and writes stories all the time because what could be better than entering a different world, such as the world of the fishes? Since he also loves snorkelling, Guillaume decides to write a real book, for the other children on the island. There has to be a story in it about a fish. And in the underwater world he sees how life can be different. What can we, who live above water, learn from it? Guillaume will tell you all about it in his own story...

This documentary premiered on Cinekid 2015. 

This documentary is based on article 6 and is about the children’s right to develop to their full potential. In the Netherlands Antilles children don’t have enough books, which puts them at an educational disadvantage compared to children living in the Netherlands.

This film was made with support from Unicef.