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Tue Nov 22 2016 07:25 • 20 min

Article 10 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: 'Every child has the right to be reunited with their parents, and the government should approve such requests quickly.'

"Bye baba and mama, I miss you a lot. Tomorrow it's my birthday and I will turn twelve. I'll tell you where I sleep and what school I attend. I'll show you everything with my selfie-stick." When Tareq flees because of the war in Syria, he has to leave his parents, sister and brother behind. He goes to Europe, facing an uncertain future. When will he see his parents again? After a dangerous journey, the waiting begins in Holland. Would he still have left if he had known that it would take a year? Did he even have a choice?

This documentary premiered at IDFA 2015.

This documentary is based on article 10 and is about the children’s right to be reunited with their parents. Governments should approve such requests quickly. In the Netherlands the number of underage refugees is growing, which increases the waiting period before they are reunited with their parents.