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Children's Rights

To many children and adults, the Convention on the Rights of the Child is only an abstract notion. Research shows that knowledge about children’s rights is limited, across all age groups. Children’s rights are about everyday things: a safe home, a roof over your head, good medical care, education, respect, love, being yourself.

The Convention is a collection of all the injustices that children across the world can be faced with. But what does it feel like when you can’t go to school, when your parents can’t care for you, when you have a disability but you can’t be operated on because you’re poor, when you’re bullied because you’re different? Just Kids gives a human face to these rights.

Every Just Kids documentary illustrates one children’s right. In this way, the series gives viewers food for further thought and discussion about children’s rights: near to home or far away, in a land on the other side of the world. Just Kids aims to increase knowledge about children’s rights. The documentaries give a human face to children’s rights. Not just for children and teenagers, but also for adults.

All the children’s rights are laid down in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty that was ratified on 20 November 1989 in New York. This is why we celebrate Universal Children’s Day on 20 November. 193 countries have signed and ratified this treaty on children’s rights.

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